6 Tips For Explosive Muscle Gains

Follow these 6 tips and you will be well on your way to getting stronger, and making big gains in lean muscle mass. Adding a few pounds of lean muscle mass to your frame can go along way towards looking healthy, strong, and athletic. None of this is rocket science, just some really good tips that may have been overlooked or forgotten about. It is all well worth checking out.

Use explosive movements. The amount of force that a muscle can generate is equivalent to the amount of muscle mass that it can stimulate. Do not confuse explosive movement with dangerous out of control movement. Always stay in control of the weight that you are lifting. To generate more force, progressively add more poundage while still lifting explosively during the second half of the rep.

Eat more fish, especially any cold water, arctic fish. Eat fatty fish like salmon, and blue fin tuna that will help provide you with the popular omega 3 fatty acids. This will make the muscles more sensitive to amino acid absorption, while preserving glutamine stores.

Stop all cardio activity. Aerobic cardio activity has a detrimental effect on muscle growth. So while you are trying to gain, keep the cardio to a minimum. Once you have added some lean muscle to your frame you will automatically raise your metabolism and you will burn fat even when you are at rest. More calories are burned and you will be able to stay lean easier.

This may sound strange but it makes sense. Set your alarm clock and eat in the middle of the night. Drinking a protein shake in the middle of the night will provide additional nutrients that promote muscle growth. It can be up to 10 hours at times that you are fasting in your sleep. Your body will begin to break down muscle for protein if you do not feed it.

Resting is one of the most important aspects of a good weight training program. A lot of people that lift weights to gain lean muscle mass train way too much. This allows for no time to recover from these very taxing workouts. Take a couple of days off a week. It is not a good idea to train for 6 or more days straight. You will end up losing physical strength and your immune system will weaken, leaving you wide open for illness.

Always emphasize the negative portion of a rep. Slow, controlled movement will overload muscles and promote radical gains in lean muscle mass. Once you begin to see and feel the advantages of this method lifting you will be kicking yourself for not doing it earlier. This can also save time in your workouts because you will not be able to do as many reps.

Get a Toned Body! Tips For Women to Get a Slim, Toned Figure With Healthy Diets & Cardio Workouts

These days numerous options can help you out to get a well toned body. Its totally upto you whether to opt for artificial methods or natural methods. Natural methods would work naturally in your body. You might get the result slowly but that result would be permanent. Further no side effects compliment the natural methods. Hence, you can opt for the healthy diets and cardio workouts to burn the excess fat naturally and get a toned figure without any side effects.

Tips for women to get a slim toned figure with Healthy Diet and Cardio Workouts:

Healthy diets and cardio workouts are very essential to speed up the metabolism rate of the body. As far as the healthy diets are concerned you can opt for any one from the following:

Acai Berry and Colon Cleansing: Acai Berry is very rich in antioxidant, fibers, minerals, proteins and vitamins. It increases the rate of calorie consumption. Further, you feel motivated due to the herbal mood enhancer available in this fruit. As the metabolism rate of the body gets increased with the support of this diet you enjoy substantial weight loss. The colon cleansing on the other hand reduces weight by flushing out all the unwanted toxins from your body.

Green Tea: As green tea is very rich in antioxidants it can help you to get rid of coffee and other such drinks. By opting for this drink early in the morning everyday, women can get a toned body at a steady pace.

Vegetables: Vegetables can help women to lose weight due to various reasons such as:

* Veggies are low in fat

* They have very low calories

* Can fill stomach very steadily

* As they contain low sodium they help your body to lose water weight

* Strengthen your immune system as they are very rich in nutritional content

Vegetables that you can opt are:

* Lettuce

* Green beans

* Carrots

* Mushrooms

* Kale

* Colliery

* Spinach

* Summer Squash

* Onions

* Tomatoes

* Scallions

* Cucumbers

* Okra

Cardio workouts: Cardio workouts can help you a lot in burning the excess fat at a steady pace. The rate of metabolism in your body would increase and you would ultimately benefit in the long run. You can either opt for slow and steady cardio, high intensity cardio.

The cardio exercises which can burn most of the calories are as follows:

* Step aerobics

* Swimming

* Rock climbing

* Cross country Skiing

* Racquetball

* Bicycling

* Rowing

* Walking

* Running